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STUMP SA Azabudai

Monthly Rent: ¥350,000
mum stay: 1 month

Floor: 3rd Floor
Layout: 1K
Size: 30㎡ (322 sq. ft)
Capacity: 2 people

Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Roppongi St. 10 min. walk

from Narita Airport

  1 hour 30 min. by train

  1 hour 30 min by taxi

from Haneda Airport

  55 min. by train

  30 min. by taxi

The Apartment

The Classic and Contemporary design, the essence of STUMP, offers a timeless elegance suitable for the sophisticated adults who live in the center of the city.
Indirect lighting with a dimming function creates a variety of scenes at will. The monotone urban chic color scheme, plastered walls, and solid flooring create a space that combines high quality comfort and urban refinement. The layout of the inner sash creates an open atmosphere while ensuring privacy, and also functions as an iconic and dynamic design accent.
This concept creates a unique and inviting space that is a perfect blend of comfort and aesthetics.

The entrance to the high-profile Azabudai Hills, opening in the fall of 2023, is right in front of the apartments, and the global area with its many embassies is ideal for a work-life well-balanced lifestyle.

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