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STUMP SA  301/401


Monthly Rent: 
Minimum stay: 1 month

Floor: 3rd/4th Floor
Layout: 1LDK
Size: 55.07㎡ (592.76855 sq. ft)
Capacity: 6 people

Azabu-juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Azabu-juban St. 6 min. walk

from Narita Airport

  1 hour 40 min. by train

  1 hour by taxi

from Haneda Airport

  50 min. by train

  25 min. by taxi

STUMP Residences

The Apartment


Azabu-juban is a town where Tokyo's most sophisticated and exclusive people gather.

This project was created as an emotional space for these sophisticated adults.


The building was converted from a building that retains a strong atmosphere of the good old days to achieve a fusion of traditional and modern styles. Rugged brick was used for the walls, giving them a warm texture and a sense of strength.

Erotic lighting was used to create a relaxing space with a sense of privacy.


Here, visitors can forget their daily routines and celebrate sophisticated nighttime to all their heart's content.

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